Significance’ of Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

‘There’s one abnormality accepted in all counterfeit faiths: They all acquire in ghosts.’

Indian agnostic M N Roy

I’m sure, abounding readers are accustomed with this acclaimed band and they’ve chanted it as well, ‘Bhoot-pishaach nikat nahin aavei, Mahavir jab naam sunavei,’ in Tulsidas’ ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. Lord Hanuman’s name is accurate to drive abroad angry alcohol and this temple at Dausa (near Jaipur), Rajasthan is committed to Balaji (yet addition name of Lord Hanuman) with this actual purpose: Getting rid of apparitions and angry spirits.

The catechism is: Do (good/evil) alcohol absolutely exist? It’s afresh a amount of acceptance and acceptance entails complete absence of rationality. Here, it’s in the exercise of things to adduce Sri Lankan agnostic Abraham Kovoor, who relentlessly fought adjoin these superstitions and esp. all faith-based aberrant phenomena. No abstruse or addict could anytime acquire his challenges to prove whether alcohol exist, does atramentous abracadabra absolutely abuse or it has a placebo effect, do godmen and godwomen acquire assertive amazing admiral or they just baffle assertive people? All these questions were never appropriately answered by anyone and are still unanswered.

That even in this age, so abounding humans still acquire that bhoot-pret do abide is a sad annotation on the acutely apathetic change of aggregate animal intelligence. Even the alleged ‘educated’ humans acquire that ghosts and alcohol abide and they can abuse us! Abounding houses are abandoned, assertive that there’s some angry spirit residing there!

Here, author’s ambition is not to casting aspersions on any celestial or the acceptance arrangement of the majority. If humans accept been convalescent of ghosts and spirits, it’s good. What added can one ask for? But the catechism remains, were they (‘possessed’ people) absolutely affected/possessed by alcohol in the aboriginal place?

What’s a ghost: A simple bubble of an aberrant apperception that believes afore it’s asked to believe. What we alarm apparition is in fact ‘a aflutter bump of our own academician that plays tricks and confounds us’ empiric Sigmund Freud in his article ‘ Living with a hallucination.’

His apprentice Carl Gustav Jung seconded his master’s ascertainment and added that seeing and possessing ghosts is a acoustic abnormality and such things just don’t exist.

Exorcism or jadu-tona/ojha/recondite mantras, which accept no meanings, are ‘psychological deviations and diversions’ according to the evolutionary biologist Dr Richard Dawkins of England.

Mankind is still collectively un-evolved. So these abstruse phenomena address to us immediately. At the aforementioned time, there’s a cerebral adventure in ‘believing’ ghosts because that gives us a altered affectionate of kick. This cogently explains, why a lot of of us adulation to apprehend the belief of ghosts and watch apparitional movies.

With due account to the Mehndipur Balaji, one can but admonish that admiration him as ‘a boner of angry forces’ is underestimating his divinity because there’s no such affair as apparition or angry force/power/element. So anyone who still believes in ghosts or is analytical to apperceive about Lord Hanuman, can appointment the Balaji temple. Mehandipur Balaji timings are from 6 AM to 9 PM, all canicule of the week.