Inspiration When A Second Is A First

Let’s allocution about if additional is first. Yesterday I watched Tom Watson ability additional in the British Open. He was traveling into the 18th hole. He in fact had a adventitious to win the tournament, and he absent on the endure shot. He conceded the tournament. He did not win, but rather accomplished second.

Why would I say if additional is first? It was so bewitched to see Tom Watson, a 59-year-old man, aggressive in the British Open adjoin abounding adolescent competitors with abundant able-bodied skills. Yet he still competed at such a top akin that he completed second, just missing a adventitious to win.


We accept to alpha seeing this as inspiration. We see this all the time, in sports, in our lives, we see accurate champions all over. We charge to yield this afflatus and accumulate going. We charge to be aggressive to apprehend our dreams.


We charge to apprehend that we are never too young, or never too old: there are belief of success no amount the person’s age. Success can accept many, abounding meanings. To see this affectionate of animal ability is phenomenal.

Do not let your age get in the way of your dreams. It does not amount if you wish to start, or if you wish to end. What does amount is that you are affective yourself forward.

Second abode is still amazing

Yesterday Tom Watson was sitting on that 18th aperture and had a adventitious to hit that baboon putt eight or nine anxiety away. He just did not hit it harder enough. Yet, he still accomplished second. Yes, it would accept been celebrated and amazing if he did ability first, but he is still sitting in a appealing acceptable position in my eyes.

We all wish to be champions and yield that bays home. But out of all the golfers in the world, he was appropriate there, at 59 years young.


Today as I bless Tom Watson’s additional abode victory, I wish you to bless life. No amount your age, get your dream visualized, your goals together, your bold plan, and plan appear it every day. If you do this, you will accretion clarity, and become added bright every day. Don’t overlook to accept fun with all this!

Let’s attending at Tom Watson’s achievement and advance our own envelope. Get rid of the attached beliefs. If Tom Watson can almost absence acceptable the British Open, we all can do so abundant more. Accumulate affective forward, accumulate giving out energy, and accumulate authoritative a aberration in the world!