Earth’s Dark Matter Halo

We now apperceive that galaxies accept gigantic halos composed of aphotic matter. Does Earth aswell acquire such a halo? If so, we would be active central this halo. Based on analysis so far, it is awful apparent that Earth does acquire a low body aura of aphotic bulk because there are abundant sources for Earth to accept and allure aphotic bulk into its gravitational influence. We aswell apperceive that there is a alternate affection amid aphotic and accustomed bulk throughout the universe.

Dark Bulk aural the Solar System

Our Solar System and the Earth sits central the aphotic bulk aura of our galaxy, the Milky Way. D Lin, a University of California astronomer, calculates that our galaxy’s aura of aphotic bulk is agnate to 600 to 800 billion solar masses, compared to the alone 100 billion solar masses of arresting matter. As our Solar System orbits the galaxy at a dispatch of about 220km per second, it sweeps through the airy sea of aphotic bulk particles in the galaxy. Every kilogram of bulk on Earth scatters as abounding as a thousand WIMPs (i.e. aphotic bulk particles) per day.

The Solar System, itself, is sitting in an interstellar billow of aphotic matter. The actuality of the billow and its geometry can be deduced from its aftereffect on the spectra of adjacent stars and catholic rays. Priscilla Frisch of the University of Chicago calculates that our Solar System aboriginal encountered the billow (moving at appropriate angles to it) amid 2,000 and 8,000 years ago.

Dark Bulk Clouds Casual through Earth

Jürg Diemand, a physicist at the University of California in Santa Cruz, US, and colleagues say that computations advance that baby clouds of aphotic matter, which could be detected by approaching amplitude missions, canyon through Earth on a approved basis. He says that conceivably a actor billion of them alluvion about our galaxy’s aphotic bulk halo. These clouds float through Earth every 10,000 years in an appointment abiding about 50 years, according to Diemand. However, they do not affect the (physical) Earth to any apparent effect. Their almost low densities beggarly they could alone nudge our planet out of its accustomed apogee by beneath than a millionth of a beat per second.

Dark Bulk Particles Blasted-Out from the Sun

According to advisers from the University of Oxford (as appear in the New Scientist journal), the Sun is harboring a all-inclusive backlog of aphotic matter. Astrophysicists Ilidio Lopes and Joe Silk articular that casual aphotic bulk particles would be captured by the force of abundant bodies like the Sun. In accession to calefaction and light, the Sun consistently emits low body claret of answerable electrons and protons alleged the ‘solar wind,’ which blasts out from the Sun in all admonition at actual top speeds to ample the absolute Solar System and beyond. The solar wind and the abundant college activity particles ejected by solar flares can accept affecting furnishings on the Earth alignment from ability band surges and radio arrest to the admirable and anesthetic aurora borealis. The agreement of this solar wind has been abundantly analyzed by Science, up to now, to abide of alone accustomed bulk in the anatomy of plasma. If there is a ample aphotic bulk backlog in the Sun, as assertive scientists are convinced, it is a analytic next footfall to apprehend aphotic bulk particles captured by the Sun from assorted sources to be aswell destroyed out of the Sun in its solar wind — just like accustomed bulk particles. Trillions of aphotic bulk particles from the Sun would be hitting Earth every minute.

Dark Bulk Particles Aqueous Down from Dwarf Galaxy

Astrophysicist Heidi Newberg at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and her colleagues advance that aphotic bulk may be aqueous down on Earth from the dwarf galaxy “Sagittarius”. For eons, the Milky Way has been arresting and disturbing afar Sagittarius, which is about one-tenth the admeasurement of the Milky Way. Newberg and added astronomers afresh apparent two “tails” or streams of stars flowing-out from Sagittarius. The streams are believed to aswell accommodate aphotic bulk particles. Our Solar System sits in one of these streams. We are accordingly ashore in the boilerplate of a fast-moving beck of aphotic bulk particles, billions casual through every aboveboard beat of the Earth (and our bodies) anniversary additional at speeds of over a actor kilometers per hour. Day-in and day-out, endless accidental aphotic bulk particles rain down aloft the Earth and through our bodies undetected.

Density of Earth’s Aphotic Bulk Halo

If trillions of aphotic bulk particles are casual through accustomed bulk – the Earth and our bodies every few abnormal again it would not be difficult for Earth to abduction these particles beneath its gravitational influence. Aphotic bulk could aswell be already present during the accumulation of the Solar System – so that accustomed and aphotic bulk formed calm to anatomy our Solar System. Conceivably the Pioneer aberration was aswell acquired by the attendance of clumps of aphotic bulk in the Solar System, as accepted by Marcus Chown.

However, it appears (ignoring the furnishings of any aphotic energy) that whatever aphotic bulk is present in the Solar System, it accept to be low in density. Firstly, this is because the planets accede with Newton’s force laws – clashing the stars at the bend of galaxies. (Dark activity has a abhorrent gravitational effect. To what admeasurement this would abrogate the adorable gravitational force of aphotic bulk aural the Solar System is a bulk of conjecture.) Secondly, the body is low based on extrapolations of the body of aphotic bulk in the bounded aura – which is almost 0.3 GeV/cm3. The Earth-Sun ambit is almost 1.5 X 10^13 cm. So the bulk of aphotic bulk amid aural Earth’s apogee is about 10^40 GeV. For comparison, the Sun’s accumulation is about 10^57 GeV. So the aphotic bulk amid is 10^-17 of the accumulation of the Sun. It accordingly has a negligible aftereffect on the apogee of the Earth about the Sun. Based on these estimates, the boilerplate aphotic bulk body is abundant lower (a abundance abundance times lower) than that of rocks, baptize and added substances about begin on Earth.

Is this Body Understated?

The abundant sources of aphotic bulk particles advance that there could be a bounded balance of aphotic bulk in our Solar System over and aloft the galactic background. However, back the orbits of the planets accede with Newton’s force laws actual closely, the balance cannot be cogent (barring the furnishings of any aphotic energy).

However, Newton’s force laws crave the accumulation of the Earth to be input. This accumulation is computed based on the gravitational dispatch abstinent at altered places on Earth. This assumes from the alpha that the dispatch is due to alone accustomed matter. The addition of any aphotic bulk on Earth has been ignored. A agnate acceptance is fabricated if accretion the accumulation of the Sun and the added planets. Scientists accept speculated that there could be a ample backlog of aphotic bulk aural Earth. David Peat says that the best calculations advance that our Earth could accommodate as abundant as 10 per cent adumbration matter. Adumbration bulk (consisting of supersymmetric particles and objects) is about advised to be the aforementioned as aphotic bulk (which aswell consists of supersymmetric particles and objects).

Halos of aphotic matter, as ample as our Solar System and with the accumulation of the Earth, were the aboriginal structures to anatomy in the universe, according to calculations from scientists at the University of Zurich. If we could acquiesce 10 per cent of the Earth’s accumulation to be in the anatomy of aphotic matter, this would beggarly a aura one-tenth the admeasurement of the Solar System – this is absolutely huge about to the admeasurement of the arresting Earth. The arresting Earth would assume like a little rock sitting central this gigantic halo.


Based on the aloft discussion, there is no agnosticism that there is aphotic bulk in the Solar System and on Earth. What are the implications? If we are active aural a aphotic bulk aura and there is alternate affection amid aphotic and accustomed matter, do altar on Earth (including our concrete bodies) acquire low body halos of aphotic matter? Does aphotic bulk aswell play a allotment in the accumulation of our arresting bodies just as it apparently did in the accumulation of the arresting Solar System? Can these low body halos adapt themselves into life-forms (just like concrete matter), survive the afterlife of the concrete bodies and advance apart of life-forms composed of commonly arresting (or measurable) concrete matter?

According to claret metaphysics, a cogent bulk of aphotic bulk is in the anatomy of a (magnetic) claret of cool (i.e. supersymmetric) particles. See the author’s commodity on Aphotic Plasma. A low body gas of aphotic bulk particles (which has no electrical properties) apparently would not accept accustomed the development of life-forms composed of aphotic matter. However, claret consists of electrically conductive soups of answerable particles that acknowledge collectively to electromagnetic armament and are all-embracing (quasi) neutral. Renowned claret physicist David Bohm was afraid to acquisition that already electrons were in a plasma, they chock-full behaving like individuals and started behaving as if they were allotment of a beyond and commutual whole. He after remarked that he frequently had the consequence that the sea of electrons in a claret was in some faculty alive. Clashing particles aural atoms, particles in alluring claret accept all-embracing furnishings and correlations; and anniversary atom has an electric field. In added words, the furnishings of the acreage become dominant. The airy spaces amid the broadly broadcast particles in a low body claret are not abandoned – they accommodate electric fields and activating alluring acreage curve which aberration and about-face – breeding circuitous dynamics in plasma. There is a arrangement of filamentary currents in plasma.

Hence, even a low body claret of (supersymmetric, massive) aphotic bulk particles in the Solar System and on Earth could accept cogent furnishings on the accumulation of the Earth and our concrete bodies because of its electromagnetic acreage properties.